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      2. 中國華文教育網


      3. ·珠算:正在被遺忘的非物質文化遺產
      4. ·藝術體育篇 Artistic Work and Sport
      5. ·漢族The Han ethnic group
      6. ·中國的民族Chinese Ethnic Groups
      7. ·中華始祖——黃帝和炎帝Earliest Ancestor of the Chinese Nation-Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) and Yandi (Red Emperor)
      8. ·民族篇概述China is a unitary multi-national country
      9. ·明清小說 Fiction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
      10. ·元雜劇 Zaju of the Yuan Dynasty
      11. ·宋詞 Ci Poetry of the Song Dynasty
      12. ·唐詩 Poetry of the Tang Dynasty
      13. ·南北朝民歌 Folk Songs of the Northern and Southern Dynasties
      14. ·漢樂府 Yuefu Songs of the Han Dynasty
      15. ·楚辭 Chu Ci
      16. ·《詩經》 The Book of Songs
      17. ·遠古神話 Myths of Remote Antiquity
      18. ·文學篇概述 Literature
      19. ·繁體字和簡化字 Original Complex Chinese Characters and Simplified Chinese Characters
      20. ·甲骨文 Jiaguwen
      21. ·漢字 Chinese Characters
      22. ·普通話和方言 Mandarin and Dialects
      23. ·漢語 The Chinese Language
      24. ·語言文字篇概述 Spoken and Written Languages
      25. ·中醫中藥 Traditional Chinese Medical Science and Medicine
      26. ·麻醉術 Narcotherapy
      27. ·針灸術 Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy
      28. ·算盤和珠算 Abacus and Calculation with an Abacus
      29. ·日晷和銅壺滴漏 Sundial and Copper Clepsydra
      30. ·黃道婆改革紡織術 Huang Daopo Innovating Textile Technique
      31. ·祖沖之和圓周率 Zu Chongzhi and Pi
      32. ·張衡和地動儀 Zhang Heng and the Seismograph
      33. ·火藥 Gunpowder
      34. ·古代印刷術 Printing
      35. ·古代造紙術 Papermaking
      36. ·指南針 Compass
      37. ·古代科技篇 Ancient Science and Technology
      38. ·尊老愛幼 Respect the Aged and Care for the Young
      39. ·尊師重教 Honor the Teacher and Stress Education
      40. ·樂善好施 Be Glad to Give to Charities
      41. ·誠實守信 Honest and Trustworthy
      42. ·謙虛禮讓 Modesty and Comity
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